Brazil press officer suspended for Pinilla clash

Brazil's press officer, Rodrigo Paiva, has been suspended for one match by FIFA following a clash with Chile's Mauricio Pinilla.

The incident occurred during half-time of the FIFA World Cup second-round clash in Belo Horizonte on Saturday, which the hosts won on penalties after a 1-1 draw.

Pinilla claims he was punched by Paiva, who insists the fracas was nothing more than pushing and shoving.

On Monday, a FIFA spokeswoman confirmed that Paiva had been suspended for one game - Brazil's quarter-final with Colombia on Friday - and that the case continued to be considered by the disciplinary committee, who could hit Paiva with a longer ban.

Pinilla took to his official Twitter account to vent his anger at both Paiva and the governing body.

"Mr Rodrigo Paiva, Brazil's press officer, assaulted me with a fist in the tunnel without reason," he wrote.

"FIFA cannot endure this offender. FIFA has to intervene on something this serious.

"(Luis) Suarez risks his career with a bite...a press officer for a fist in the face? FIFA?

"I demand from FIFA an exemplary punishment for Rodrigo Paiva as well as that of my colleague Suarez...!!! This is more serious still!"