Dunga: Sandy pitch poses injury risk

 Brazil coach Dunga is far from happy with the state of the National Stadium pitch and feels that players tomorrow are at risk of injury.

The Selecao are facing Japan in a high profile international friendly tomorrow at Singapore’s National Stadium, but concerns on the bad state of the pitch have dominated headlines in the lead up to the game.

At the pre-match press conference held after Brazil’s only training session at the stadium on Monday evening, Dunga addressed the issue.

“The pitch is very sandy,” he said through a translator.

“Most of it are sand and not grass. And the pitch is obviously more synthetic than natural grass. It will be hard to pass the ball in such conditions.

“The Brazilian National Team always tries to produce a good spectacle for fans to see. For this to happen the field must be in good conditions.

“It’s hard to say if injuries will happen because a lot will depend on what is going to happen in the game.”

When pressed, the coach said that he couldn't say for certain that injuries would occur tomorrow, but he believed that the risk had been elevated by the state of the pitch.

“The pitch brings higher risk for injuries because there is a lot of sand,” the former Brazil captain said.

“Hopefully, potholes will not be created during the game.”

Dunga, who is now in his second stint in charge of Brazil, also hinted at new tactics in a bid to revitalise a squad which faltered badly at home in the World Cup just a few months back.

However, the coach preferred to keep his exact game plan under wraps.

“Our players can easily pick up new tactics because they are very good players,” Dunga said.

“Even if they only have a few hours of training, they can still produce the goods because they are very good players. If Brazil wants a competitive team, we have to go for new tactics.

“The most important thing now is to put together all the qualities of the players and use the best features.”