Durakovic: Nazmi can be as good as Hoddle

Selangor head coach Mehmet Durakovic believes his young star, Nazmi Faiz Mansor can reach the potential of Glenn Hoddle.

The Red Giants signed the former Harimau Muda star from Selangor PKNS during the recent April transfer window. 

"Nazmi is very good and technically gifted for someone his age. The way he gets the ball and passes it everywhere, he reminds me of Glenn Hoddle,” noted the Australian coach of the similarities between his budding talent and the England legend.

Hoddle has always been considered by many as one of the greatest English players of all time due to his ability to play with either foot and his incredible range of passing and vision.

However, Durakovic said Nazmi still has a long way to go and must remain humble if he wants to be better.

“He’s got a wonderful future, but he must keep his head down because he still has a lot to learn. 

"He particularly needs to work on his physical strength, but I believe he is at the right place to develop with the right boys who are all together, committed, friends on and off the pitch. 

"At Selangor, we can provide a very good environment and fantastic atmosphere for him [to become better].”

Read the full interview with Nazmi Faiz Mansor in the July 2014 issue of FourFourTwo Malaysia/Singapore.