Duric: Singapore can qualify for World Cup

Aleksandar Duric believes the country can play in football’s biggest stage if a good monetary investment is made. 

Speaking exclusively in the February 2015 issue of FourFourTwo Malaysia/Singapore, 44-year-old Duric said it is not impossible for Singapore to play in the World Cup in the future, as countries with smaller populations have previously qualified for it.

However, he noted that the Football Association of Singapore will need to have "the right kind of development plan" because it is not something that will happen overnight.

“For starters, we definitely need money, which is a big factor in any sports,” said the former Singapore international, who represented the country between 2007 and 2012.

“The government does invest money in sporting development, but at the moment it is all spread out.

“For example, just compare Singapore with Japan. We only spend nine million dollars on football every year, but Japan spends more than 300 million dollars [per year] on it, so you can see the gap.

“We really need to spend money on youth development and bring the right people in to develop the young players who can be good enough to play for the clubs in Europe.

“It is all about daring to dream and we need to encourage and support these young boys and girls to dream big dreams.

“And one day, we may see not just the men’s team, but also the women’s team in a World Cup.”

Read the full interview with Aleksandar Duric in the February 2015 issue of FourFourTwo Malaysia/Singapore.