Embarrassed Montpellier apologise for shirt-printing error

With Montpellier supporters noticing the misspelling of their side's name on their new Nike kit, the club have apologised.

You would expect a club to know how to spell their own name, but in the case of Montpellier you might want to think again.

The Ligue 1 side have apologised to their supporters after incredibly spelling the club's name wrong on this season's shirts.

The crests on the latest jerseys were mistakenly printed as "Montpelier", an embarrassing error they are now seeking to correct.

"Montpellier has indeed been the victim of a logo error on a series of shirts put on sale," an official club statement read.

"The logo provider made two sets, one with a fault. They are of aware of their error and are committed to solving the problem."

Montpellier have given supporters the option to trade their badge, trade their shirt or collect a refund.

While fans will be happy to gain an 'L', they will be hoping their team can get a 'W' at home to Nantes on Saturday.

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