FOOTBALL: UEFA Women's Champions League: Frankfurt traning and news conference (Dietrich, Bell)

HEADLINE: 'Two worlds collide in final' - Dietrich

DATE: 13/05/15

SOURCE: Perform

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A David and Goliath encounter - that's how FFC Frankfurt team manager Seigfried Dietrich described his side's Women's Champions League final against Paris Saint-Germain on Thursday.

Despite having three titles, compared to a PSG side still looking for their first, Seigfried feels the money and sponsorship given to the French capital club has got them where they are today.

He was joined by head coach Colin Bell at the pre-match press conference, who praised the strengths of the opposition, describing them as 'skilful and full of fight'




Team manager, FFC Frankfurt

"It's gonna be a world's collide tomorrow. We are a pure women's football club with barely 400 members. Paris Saint-Germain is a world famous club with a lot of big sponsors. The club tried over the last couple of years to get to the final of the Champions League, now they achieved it. The future of women's football will take either this way or the other. So the game is very important for us and for women's football and we are very proud that we're in the final. It's also important because we're searching for solutions how we can establish our club long-dated. We want to achieve sporting progress, that's what we have said for a long time. I think there isn't a better way to do that than in the final tomorrow. We have quality, we have a great coach and a great team, and great sponsors. We want to play a big role in the future and we're going to show that."



Head coach, FFC Frankfurt

"We won't talk about their weak points [Paris Saint-Germain]. There aren't many, of course. You have to look really close to see them and we have done that. I think their team is very good, their players have good skills, but also can fight. They make their decisions very fast and have a high agility and speed. It's gonna be a big task for us, but we've analysed the opponent and found some solutions. Well, and I won't blow that."


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