Hai-O: What Rangel did was wrong

Hairuddin Omar, President of the Professional Footballers Association of Malaysia (PFAM), criticised Paulo Rangel for not handling his row with Selangor professionally.

The Brazilian forward took to Instagram last month to vent his frustration after the Malaysian Super League runners-up allegedly failed to pay him his bonus, which was due to him after signing a new contract in July.

Following that row, Rangel quitted the club and joined Terengganu on a two-year deal.

Hairuddin, who was appointed to the off-field role last year, said that the whole fiasco could have been handled better.

“I do not know the full story, but I understand that Selangor did not pay him the money he was due within the agreed period of time and Rangel had a clause in his contract allowing him to leave the club should that happen,” the ATM captain told FourFourTwo.

“As the PFAM president, I do not agree with Rangel’s action because he made an official statement and publicly blamed his employees for not paying him.

“I fully understand his intention and it was within his rights to pursue what was rightfully his.

“However, as a professional player, he should have settled the issue internally first and not made any statements without permission from the club.”

Hairuddin, whose association has received reports as well as solved cases regarding unpaid salaries and unfair terminations since its establishment, also wished that players in a similar situation would approach the PFAM instead of taking matters into their own hands.

“I strongly urge any professional footballers in Malaysia to contact us if they face any contractual issues in the future because it is one of the main reasons we are here.

“We will try our best to help the affected players and discuss with the respective teams to solve any issues.”

(Picture: @TranungTaiteng/Twitter)