Hull City fail in latest bid to change name

The Football Association Council have rejected the latest request from Hull City's owners to change the club's name to Hull Tigers.

Hull City's owners – Assem and Ehab Allam - have failed in his latest attempt to change the club's name to Hull Tigers after the Football Association rejected their request.

Chairman Assem Allam has been trying to change the club's name for the past two years to incorporate 'Tigers' - the club's nickname into their official moniker, a move that has caused ructions within the club's support.

A first application in December 2013 was rejected five months later, but a second bid for the coming season was submitted after an independent tribunal found fault in that initial process.

However, the FA has once again rejected the Allams' application, confirming their decision in a statement released on Saturday.

It read: "The FA Council has rejected Hull City’s application to change their playing name to Hull Tigers.

"The Council’s decision – carried by a 69.9 per cent vote of its members – came after a recommendation from The FA’s Membership Committee.

"The Council, which is made up of representatives from across football, fully considered the recommendation in reaching its decision."

Assem Allam has previously said he will walk away from the club if his plan was rejected, while he also has claimed to have rejected offers made for the club.