Kick It Out to gather video evidence through app

Football fans will now be able to submit video evidence of racist abuse through the Kick It Out app.

Campaign group Kick It Out has updated its smartphone app to make it easier for users to provide evidence of racist incidents at football matches.

The first version of the app, which was launched in 2013 and facilitated the reporting of discriminatory abuse, accounted for 36 per cent of reports during the 2014-15 season.

And complainants will now have the chance to provide more conclusive evidence after functionality was added for the submission of video, photo and audio files through the app.

"We have seen the app become one of the most prominent and popular mechanisms used to report incidents since its release in 2013, and took the decision last year to strengthen its level of functionality," said Kick It Out reporting officer Anna Jonsson.

"We have particularly seen the use of video evidence play a key role in highlighting discriminatory behaviour and it is important we give complainants the opportunity to bring this to our attention if they have the footage recorded.

"With the constant advances we are seeing in technology, it is important we make sure the app reflects these developments as we look to ensure appropriate action is taken against perpetrators in as many cases as we can."

The app can also be used to report instances of abuse on social media and allows users to remain anonymous.