‘Liar’ – Former import accuses Kelantan of false statements over pay

Australian Jonathan McKain called his former employers Kelantan "liars" on social media after the club announced it had settled outstanding salary arrears, with the defender stating the Red Warriors still owe him money...

McKain slammed the Red Warriors on his Twitter account, saying he was now waiting for FIFA to decide the outcome of his claims as the Malaysia Super League (MSL) side has yet to pay up.

His post was in response to Kelantan Football Association general secretary Datuk Ismail Noor’s comments that salary issues had been resolved.

“LIARS. Why do they continue to make public statements that are false. I HAVEN'T been paid and my case is currently at FIFA. I’m not alone,” read McKain’s tweet.

Kelantan are repeat offenders of not paying salaries on time in recent years, a problem the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) have struggled to address.

FourFourTwo understands salary issues have struck again this season. Kelantan almost pulled out of the 2017 season due to their inability to secure funding.

Ismail, however, told Berita Harian they had settled the pending salaries of the coaches and players for the months of January and February.

He also urged their detractors to stop spreading gossip and tarnishing Kelantan’s image.