Long-serving FAS officials take indefinite leave


Subject to constant abuse by fans and internal rift, Football Association of Selangor (FAS) general-secretary Rosman Ibrahim and treasurer Datuk. S. Sivasundram have gone on leave, possibly to never return… 

Selangor general-secretary Rosman Ibrahim and treasurer Datuk S. Sivasundram are ready to vacate their post to ensure the Football Association of Selangor (FAS) are able to undergo a smooth transition that Selangor are due according to its president Datuk Seri Azmin Ali.

Rosman and Sivasundram, subjected to constant resignation demands by the fans in recent years, issued a joint-statement on Monday, stating their support to changes called by Azmin.

“We were informed that the FAS president will initiate a revamp in the association and the football team. We support his intentions wholeheartedly and hope that the changes set to happen will be effective,” read the joint-statement.

“After over 20 years of struggling in local football, things like a rebranding and privatisation are important moving forward, especially with a team with rich history like Selangor.

“We are ready to step aside to ensure a smooth transition that Azmin wants. In the meantime, we will go on leave with immediate effect to make sure the transition is a success.”

The resignation comes after Azmin announced changes were due following the Red Giants’ fourth straight loss in all competitions on Saturday.

On Sunday, Selangor sacked Zainal Abidin Hassan as coach and placed his assistant P. Gunalan in a caretaker role until further notice.

The FAS president himself confirmed that both Rosman and Sivasundram's resignation have been accepted, although the duo can only officially leave the club once the club's executive committee approves of their departure. 

"We have received their resignation and after discussion with Amirudin Shari (team manager), we agree to respect their decision. I thank Rosman and Sivasundram for their service to football in the state," read a statement by Azmin on Tuesday.
"FAS are in the midst of sorting out proactive plans to ensure Selangor are successful. This includes the privatisation of the team and comprehensive development plans. It will be discussed in the FAS executive committee meeting next week."