Luis Garcia: I’m happy Liverpool fans still sing about me

Luis Garcia thanked the Liverpool fans for still remembering him after all these years. 

Despite only being with the club for three years, the thumb-sucking winger was a popular figure among the Liverpool supporters and earned himself a terrace chant, which still echoes around Anfield nowadays.

“I am very surprised and happy that the fans still sing about me after all these years,” said Garcia, who left the club for Atletico Madrid in 2007, in an interview with FourFourTwo Malaysia.

“I know it’s not easy to have your own song and less easy for the fans to continue singing about you after leaving the club, so I’m very thankful of that.

“Sometimes Liverpool fans will tweet me in the middle of a game to tell me that they are singing my song, and I would mute the TV commentary to listen to it.

“I also used to sing it to my kids because they loved it.”

He also said that Liverpool will always be a special part of him despite having played for numerous clubs in his career.

“I identify myself mostly with Liverpool,” he said.

“Barcelona will always have a big piece of my heart because it was the place I grew up at and I gained many friends, but I had the best moments of my career at Liverpool and everything started from there for me.

“I won the most trophies at Liverpool and I earned my first cap for Spain when I was with the club.

“So, Liverpool will always be the club for me.”