Luis Garcia: Mourinho hugged me after ‘ghost goal’

Luis Garcia revealed that Jose Mourinho congratulated him after the infamous semi-final second-leg match between Liverpool and Chelsea in the 2004/05 UEFA Champions League.

The match ended 1-0 in the Reds’ favour after the former Liverpool star scored perhaps the most controversial goal in UEFA Champions League history, as it was adjudged to cross the line to the dismay of Mourinho and his Chelsea side.

Although it has been a decade since then, the Portuguese tactician has never let it go, having recently brought up the issue again.

“Mourinho has never stopped complaining about the 'ghost goal', so that’s why people are still talking about it today,” Garcia joked while speaking in a short interview with FourFourTwo Malaysia.

“Honestly, I don’t blame him [for complaining] because he will always look out for the best for his team, but after the game, he actually came to congratulate me [for reaching the UEFA Champions League final].

“We have a good relationship because we have known each other from my days at the Barcelona academy.

"In fact, there is a video clip that shows him coming over to hug me when I was heading to the dressing room.

"So, he is actually a good man."