Nigeria saddened by bomb blast

Nigeria team officer Ben Alaiya has spoken of the sadness within the squad following a bomb blast in their country on Wednesday.

At least 21 fans were killed in the northern Nigerian city of Damaturu when a tricycle taxi packed with explosives went off at a World Cup viewing centre during a match.

The attack followed another incident on June 1 that saw 14 people killed in a bar in Adamawa, also during the screening of a televised football fixture.

Alaiya confirmed that there were no direct family members of the players affected on Wednesday, but he did relay the team's sorrow at the news.

He told Perform: "It's sad, we heard about it. Everyone here is pained, we are sad and the players have said they are so very sad, especially as this has to do with the World Cup and people watching the World Cup which Nigeria is part of. 

"They are sad and they said they want to do well and make sure that they win the next game and win well for those victims who (were) unfortunately at that bomb blast.

"No not any (family members of the team affected), none that we are aware of. Of course if it affects any Nigerian it affects you as a Nigerian, you feel the pain. But direct family member, no not any."