Pahang escape relegation after Kedah’s bungle


Pahang were awarded a default 3-0 victory after Kedah were found guilty of fielding an ineligible player back in August, meaning the Elephants have staved off relegation without playing their final match. 

Struggling Pahang have confirmed their stay in the Malaysia Super League (MSL) for the 2017 season after a decision by Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) to award the Elephants a default 3-0 win for a tie against Kedah over two months ago.

Kedah were found guilty of fielding Rizal Ghazali in their 1-0 win against Pahang on August 3 despite the defender being suspended.

The matter is believed to have slipped under the radar as the match was initially scheduled for May but was later postponed.

As a result, Pahang have confirmed their 2017 MSL status as the three points ensured the club enjoys an unassailable lead over Penang and Terengganu.


Kedah fielded a suspended player in the tie against Pahang

FourFourTwo understands Pahang only lodged a protest over Rizal’s eligibility to FAM on October 13 but it turned out to be a fruitful effort as Pahang have avoided the heated relegation battle in this season’s finale on Saturday.

Penang and Terengganu, both on 19 points, face each other in Georgetown while other relegation candidates Sarawak and PDRM clash in Kuching. The Crocs and Fauzi Pilus’ men are on 21 points.

Kedah are will lose three points but they remain uncatchable in third. The Red Eagles are also preparing for the Malaysia Cup repeat final against Selangor on October 30.

Pahang found themselves at the receiving end of such deductions last year after FIFA ordered FAM to dock the Elephants six points for failing to pay compensation to former striker Mohamed Borji. The Elephants were forced to forgo AFC Cup plans as they dropped to third in the standings then.

Photos: PDRM