Team LKT drops hint of not supporting Asean Super League

Football Association of Singapore (FAS) presidential hopeful Lim Kia Tong asserted the local football fraternity can expect things to be done differently as compared to when Zainudin Nordin was in charge. 

Lim unveiled his full team to the media on Friday evening and presented his slate's manifesto; change, inclusiveness and integrity.

Team LKT shared they were confident they could lead Singapore football out of the doldrums, especially after convincing the likes of Singapore's football 'Godfather' Teo Hock Seng to give them his backing.

When asked about the Asean Super League (ASL) and where his team stood on the Singapore’s inclusion, Lim said they will adopt a wait-and-see approach.

However, he was adamant that the FAS will not be showing the ASL preferential treatment, should his team be elected.

“If there is anything out there that will affect the S.League, we have to treat it with some reservations,” he said,

“When we take over, a lot of efforts will be placed on the S.League because we strongly feel the strength of the S.League will be the strength of the national team.

“About the ASL, you all must be mindful that it is a commercial outfit which has nothing to do with the FAS. The FAS is not part of the ASL, FAS do not need to form or groom a team solely for the ASL."

Photo: FAS