TSF: On the streets, the agile have the upper hand

Street Football fans have the chance to change the rules once again, with Tiger Street Football ambassador Deco set to implement an agility rule change in Mongolia this weekend.

The former Portuguese playmaker shook things up during in Cambodia when he announced the first rule change for creativity.

Eight of the best street football teams in Asia turned up for the first leg of the tournament in Phnom Penh to find that Deco had stipulated a three-on-three contest at halftime if the scores were level.

Sure enough, the rule change came into effect in the first round, as teams found themselves two men down when going into the break with the scores tied.

This often enough led to more attacking football and scoring opportunities to settle the match.

With days to go to the second encounter in Ulaanbaatar, FourFourTwo takes a look at some of the more interesting entries so far on the www.uncagefootball.com.

All players must touch or kick the ball with their left leg only if the first half ends in a draw.
- Kenny Goh

An interesting concept by Kenny, perhaps lending a little from Deco's first rule change. But what does this mean for teams with a surfeit of left-footers then? Would they be unfairly advantaged by this ruling? And even if you did change it to a "weaker leg" rule, it probably would be a bit difficult for the referee to keep noting which players were breaking the rules surely! And that's not even mentioning ambidextrous footballers who can pass and shoot with either peg.

No goalkeepers allowed for the second half. One defending player can however be allowed in the penalty area for five seconds if the ball is in his half.
- Charmaine Yang

Now this is something that might actually encourage agility. With what is effectively a team of outfielders on both sides, the last man back will have to be a tremendously agile player to twist and turn to block shots with every single part of his body. FFT might suggest that instead of the rule change happening in the second half, that each team goes without a goalkeeper for a half each, leading to unique strategies to maximise their attacking threat during the period of advantage. Bring it on!

An accumulator goal bonus for every touch/pass leading up to a goal. Passes must be one-touch only.
- Goh Darron

How much is a touch worth? 10 touches for double points? Or perhaps the total touches to settle a drawn contest? It's all very complicated, FFT is sure. Though we're not too certain how this might encourage daring feats of agility. Maybe a bonus half point for goals scored with overhead kicks? That could lead to a rash of acrobatic shots on goal perhaps!

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