TSF: Your instinct will take you to the top

Football instinct is hard to teach, but the best players can react in a split-second and turn the game on its head.

It is for this reason that Tiger Beer and tournament ambassador Deco want street football fans to come up with the final rule change ahead of the Tiger Street Football 2014 tournament in Singapore this weekend.

Eight of the best street football teams in Asia are set to go head-to-head one last time to determine this year's champion at Riverside Walk at the Singapore Sports Hub on Saturday, September 6.

The former Portuguese playmaker has already shaken things up during the Cambodia and Mongolia tournaments, when he announced rule changes for creativity and agility.

With days to go to the final and decisive encounter in Singapore, FourFourTwo takes a look at some of the more interesting entries so far.

Remember, you can always submit your own at www.uncagefootball.com and stand a chance to win a trip to Barcelona to meet Deco in person!

Once you pass the halfway line the team is not allowed to back pass to their own half
-Wayne ZX

Similar to a basketball rule, where you're not allowed to return to the backcourt after crossing the halfway line. Why would it encourage instinctive play? Well for one thing, there's now less space to maneuver and the margins become thinner. In fact, why not make it no back pass at all for the last two minutes of each game?

Gain double points for taking a shot first-time and scoring!
- Eugene RZ

Eugene's obviously thinking a few steps ahead here. If a player can receive a ball and shoot all in one fluid instinctive motion, it's going to be a huge boon for his team. No taking a second touch, no dawdling on the ball and obviously more exciting on court action!

If scores are level at half-time, the goalkeepers cannot use hands for the rest of the game
-Weixiang Lim

Now we're talking, with a unique suggestion from Weixiang. Imagine goalkeepers having to use other parts of their body to desperately keep balls out. That would require quite some instinctive play from the last man in defence. Who knows, Deco might even applaud!