10 September 2018
Marseille had been given a suspended ban from playing in European competition, but their punishment has been reduced after an appeal.
Gareth Bale
29 August 2018
From Barcelona to Real Madrid, Milan to Nagoya Grampus Eight, these Brits abroad achieved more acclaim than any others, writes Huw Davies
25 July 2018
UEFA has handed Marseille a suspended European ban after incidents in four Europa League matches last season.
Marcelo Bielsa
29 June 2018
He’s influenced some of the best managers in football, yet his revolutionary methods have divided opinion. Thore Haugstad on the highs and lows of a maverick manager
Paul Pogba
27 June 2018
It’s been a hotbed of talent over the last 20 years, but can you name the footballers from France who've commanded the biggest transfer fees? 
Lukas Podolski Germany
19 June 2018
How can you shine at World Cups yet look hapless at QPR? Michael Yokhin profiles the men who've starred at international level, but underperformed through their club careers
23 May 2018
The all-time top-scoring players for all 26 letters of the alphabet, based on surname and goals scored in Europe’s elite competition. This is the real quiz!
Clinton Njie Marseille
18 May 2018
Only Tottenham's former head of recruitment Paul Mitchell will know what he saw...
16 May 2018
France stars Antoine Griezmann and Dimitri Payet excelled together at Euro 2016, but had vastly differing games in the Europa League final.
16 May 2018
Lyon's signature tourist attraction provides a challenge almost as formidable as the one Marseille face in trying to beat Atletico Madrid.


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