The 99g boot

The world's lightest football boot
Shower gel. Baselayer. Water bottle. Shinpads. These are all things in your kitbag that weigh more than the new adizero 99g football boot.

They’re so light, it’s hard to believe it could hold up against flying studs, boggy pitches and potholes. But with a little help from NASA, you could lace these boots up on the moon and do a job.

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“We were inspired by some very special textile lightweight material of NASA, that they are using for their lightweight products. The base material is not affected by any weather conditions, so it’s always 99g,” explains adidas product manager, Hazim Kulak.

“The boot has an engineered skeleton that gives you additional protection, and added to the base material on top and thin, high-tech outsole are the key elements that created the lightest boot that the world has ever seen.”

To ensure this fancy footwear wouldn’t disintegrate out on the pitch, players from every level put it to the test. Whether you’re playing on Hackney Marshes or at the Bernabeu it will stay together. And it doesn’t even put on weight when you’re playing in a monsoon.

Boot bods spent hours sweating away in a lab to make you lighter and faster on the pitch.

The boots also have a unique stud layout to help shift your heavy load around.

But none of this will be of any use to you if you’ve got feet like Andre the Giant. The boot is only available in size 8.5 UK.

If your tootsies do meet the requirements then make sure you’re at a computer on Wednesday (April 15), because there’s only 299 pairs available and each pair will be individually numbered.

This boot is the first product to drop under the umbrella of the new adidas Football “Limited Collection”.

Footwear from this range will be released in limited quantities, showcasing the best in adidas football innovation and collaboration.

For further information please visit or go to or follow @adidasfootball #LimitedCollection on twitter to join the conversation.

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