The adidas Primeknit 2.0

Slicker than your grandma's knitwear and tighter than your girlfriend's hot pants. Ladies and gentleman, doff your cap to the adidas Primeknit 2.0
Combining Lycra and knitwear sounds like a bold mishmash only a Hoxton Hipster could attempt to pull off – until now.

Sunday League cloggers, more at home in a bomber jacket and a pair of trackie bottoms, can now combine the two textiles with the adidas Primeknit 2.0.

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Not only are the boots a trendy fusion of sock meets football boot, but they’re forged together by a knitted upper and Lyrcra yarns. Time to ditch your vintage brogues fellas.

Enough of the jokes, let’s get technical. The boot’s Primeknit upper has been given a lightweight vacuum coated skin to protect the yarns and retain a soft surface, meaning the boot can cope with British weather and dodgy pitches. The knit structure isn’t just there to look nice, it’s 3D texture is specifically designed to aid control.

An all-new compression tongue includes Lycra yarns designed to wrap around the midfoot area and stop your shovel feet from moving around.

The boot also features a new anatomical heel shape and design, following the natural shape of the back of the foot so you can get them on a lot easier than a pair of wellies.

This is the latest product to be launched as part of the new adidas Football Limited Collection, with just 10,000 pairs available globally.

Boot buyers can part with £220 of their hard earned cash on Wednesday to ensure they’re one of the lucky owners.

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