adidas X15: The Lowdown

If you're looking to fill an f50 sized hole in your life, look no further than the X15...

1 You should wear this boot if…

… you’re a bit of a maverick. According to adidas the X15 is “the ultimate weapon for the game’s most dangerous players.” Not sure you fall into that category? Here are some questions that might help you decide. Are you more likely to try a rabona than a hoof into the box? A nutmeg instead of a sideways pass? A panenka rather than a piledriver? If you can’t be controlled – i.e ignore all tactical instructions, your team-mates, the referee – and prefer to pick the ball up and try to score a worldy every time, the X15 is the boot for you. You’re the spark that ignites a game (and frustrates your manager and team-mates until you stick the ball into the back of the net).

2 Pop your collar

Wipe away those tears. We know it hurts to lose loved ones. But, it’s time to accept the f50s and co are gone. What better way to get over than ex than snuggling up to a new flame? And if you like a chaotic relationship, than the X15 might be for you. With its techfit collar it will wrap itself around you and never let go. This technology provides a compression fit around the ankle for superior support.

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3 You won’t know you’re wearing them

The X-Cage sounds like something you’d find in Christian’s Grey’s apartment, but it’s not as kinky as it sounds. This is the name adidas have given the lightweight upper that hugs your foot while you jump, slide, sprint and kick your way around the pitch. When you try to beat the world record for number of pointless step-overs inside a minute, your feet won’t be weighed down.

4 X-rated touch

To avoid untimely slips and loose control, the X15 has been fitted out with
X-Skin and an X-Claw base. The former is made up of a complex three layered system that delivers, “comfort, protection and performance in any conditions”, say adidas. The latter is built to give complete traction with a lightweight feel. No Gerrard moments for you.

5 What the pros say

Listen up, Pep Guardiola has something to say: “There are the ones who cause chaos. The ones who play on instinct and on talent. They are a little outside of the field. They can create absolutely everything and you can’t control that. You cannot limit that.” So, if you see yourself in the mold of Thomas Müller, Gareth Bale, Luis Suárez or Karim Benzema, bin your f50s and slip on the X15.

Some of the world’s best players will wear ACE15 and X15 for the first time at the UEFA Champions League Final in Berlin on Saturday, June 6, with the boots available to purchase from Wednesday, July 1, at adidas own-retail outlets and specialist retailers worldwide.  

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