Built for speed

The boot of choice for the world’s fastest players. And you.
There's a maxim all Sunday League footballers live by: If you're going to wear flash boots you had better be fast.

Take one look at the new Nike Superfly Mercurial and apart from the hyper punch and gold paint job, you're going to notice the slender chassis and high top design. All targets for an old school defender with a black belt in hacking.

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But, once you've slipped these on, he'll have a job catching you. A new, more-flexible full-length carbon sole plate helps you transmit power through the ground more efficiently.

Added studs at the boot’s heel offer stability, and extra traction has been placed at the toe to give players more grip and propulsion during their stride.

To help your leaden feet handle all this added torque, brio cables have been knitted into the boot to provide more support, locking your foot in place.

By connecting this tendon-like support to the heel, the Superfly acts like a slingshot that helps propel you forward.

Woven together with Nike Flyknit, there’s less material between the foot and the ball to enhance your touch.

Let’s not forget that groundbreaking high-top Dynamic Fit Collar. Designed to create a better fit, it gives the player a heightened sensation of the boot as an extension of the foot.

“Players have told us that the Mercurial fits like no other boot,” said Phil McCartney, VP of sport performance footwear.

“It feels like an extension of the body because the Dynamic Fit Collar integrates the foot, the ankle and the lower leg.

“It removes distractions and allows the player to be quicker to the ball and quicker with the ball.

“This is the huge advantage of Flyknit: We can tune a boot to match a player’s attributes.”

But, even if you’re not quick, the Superfly might just add a few mph to your top speed. And if wearing these, you’re going to need it.

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The Mercurial Superfly is available to pre-order at Nike.com, and on sale from June 12.

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