Don’t stain your performance

Rid your kit of stubborn stains and the smell of damp with expert laundry tips from Reading’s kitman, Selby Armstrong

1 Get your kit off

“Don’t leave your kit lying in someone’s car boot for days on end – get it in the wash as soon as you can. If there are some particularly nasty stains, soak it in hot water with a stain-buster immediately. If you’re unfortunate enough to wear a white shirt, shorts or socks, this is absolutely crucial to get it looking good as new.”

2 Choose the right temperature

“This is really important. If the socks are cotton they can shrink, so wash them on 60 degrees and shirts and shorts on 50. You also have to be careful if the shirts and shorts are different colours. Do a pre-wash, clean the kit twice if you need to and use a softener as this can really help.”

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3 Dry it carefully

“Tumble drying is great, but if you have a sponsor on your shirts it can easily peel off. Leave your shirts to hang naturally, ideally on a washing line but if not, then on a hanger. There’s always the danger of shrinkage with polyester and tumble dryers. It may take a bit longer, but drying naturally will give the best results.”

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