Gear up for your best season yet

You might not match Ronaldo on the pitch, but you can in the style stakes. Follow FFT’s essential kit guide and you’ll trot on to the pitch looking the part... even if your first touch is a 10-yard pass


Nike Magista from £230
Fashioned with technology from Nike’s run range to give you Iniesta-like touch rather than Farah-type speed. Flyknit technology acts like a second skin, making it more comfortable than Samuel Eto’o’s bank account.

Adidas Predator Instinct £190
To celebrate the Predator’s 20th anniversary, Adidas has released the Instinct, a shoe “that celebrates the animalistic instincts of the players that wear it”. Let’s hear you roar.

Puma evoPower 1 FG £140

Puma conclude that God knows best, so have forged a shoe that mimics the barefoot kicking motion. A flexible upper ensures your foot can deliver that 30-yard screamer at max velocity.

Umbro UX-1 Concept FG £150

Prince isn’t the only man who can make purple look good. You can too. The Umbro UX-1’s one-piece upper smooths-out control when receiving and ensures consistent projection when passing.

Warrior Gambler 2 £120

This boot might not appeal to United fans – it’s worn by Marouane Fellaini – but its seamless design and new ‘Stacks’ forefoot control panels should improve the skills of the most hungover pub player.

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Under Armour Clutchfit Force Hybrid SG £135
Wrought with material that works with the contours of your foot. Its textured 3D printed layer is designed to grip the ball better for improved touch.


Nike Ordem £105
Like the dimples on a golf ball, Nike’s new Aerow Trac grooves are engineered to grip and channel the air for a smoother, more consistent flight.

Adidas Finale Lisbon Official Match Ball £47

This ball features a seamless surface for more accurate passing. Its design ensures less water uptake, too, so it should survive a British winter.

Umbro Neo 150 Elite £60

Classic looking orb with a ‘tri-pli lining system’ that works with a synthetic called Teijin for softer, more controlled touch.

Mitre Delta V12 £90
Its 12-panel composition will send the V12 spinning smoothly, while the textured surface claims to hold a more consistent flight path at more than 70mph.


Adidas F50 Pro Lite Shin Guards £17
A compression sleeve supports blood flow back to the body. Slip-in front plates will provide a stout defence against the most hack-happy park league chopper.

Adidas Predator Pro Lite Shin Guards £17
This armour has a robust defence shield that slips into a compression sleeve with a soft synthetic lining for comfort – which is nice when you’re being booted.

Umbro Neo Pro TPU Guard £25
Made with anatomical rubber, these shin protectors are light and absorb high-impact forces. The ‘comfort backer’ means better airflow and should reduce lower-limb pongs.

Mitre Aircell Pro £15
Core to this affordable set of shinguards is the breathable ‘Aircell’ technology that should keep you cooler than Mario Gotze’s magnificent quiff. Dual-density foam will absorb the meatiest of tackles.


Adidas Predator Zones Fingersave Allround Gloves £90
Like a car’s airbag, ‘spines’ within the fingers stiffen on impact, sending the oncoming rocket safe from harm and protecting your digits.

Sells Total Contact Elite Competition £90
With Sells’ trademark ‘Adhesion Ultra Absolute Latex’ grip, your team’s chances should be in safe hands for the new season.

Umbro Neo Pro Elite Shotgun £70
Rain-sodden British winters won’t cause problems for the Shotgun, which features ‘Hyper Extreme-Latex Foam’ for leech-like grip in all weathers.

Mitre BRZ Pro £45
A mesh body prevents clamminess while an inner-palm latex grip ensures greater feel. There’s even a ‘Punch Zone’ on the back of the hand to defend corners with gusto.


Adidas Full-Body Weighted Vest £129.99
Looking to improve explosive power? Sprint intervals dressed with 10.7kg of extra weight will certainly do the trick. Weights can be removed to vary load.

Adidas Medicine Ball £24.99
Core strength will improve your agility and ability to deviate from simple, straight-line efforts. Made from durable rubber, so shouldn’t break your metatarsal if dropped.

Adidas Adjustable Ankle Weights £19.99

Removable weight packs enable you to adjust the intensity of your workout, catering for limbs that resemble a withered branch or a mighty treetrunk.

Adidas Power Tube £19.99
A souped-up version of resistance bands, featuring handy grippers and an outer sleeve that protects the rubber tubes. Will bulletproof your body ahead of the new 2014-15 season.

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