Harry Kane: Me and My Boots

Tottenham’s no.10 on the tools of his trade

What are the qualities you look for in a boot?

Comfort is the most important thing because if they’re not comfortable then you are going to have problems with blisters during training and matches. I also like my boots to be quite solid. I don’t like them to be too heavy or too light – I like that in between feeling, which you get with the Hyervenoms. 

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Do you have any tips for looking after your boots?

I soak them in warm water before I wear them because it helps mould them to your feet when you put them on. It’s not a tip for looking after your boots, but I always put my left boot on first. I’m superstitious like that.


How many pairs of boots do you have on a match day?

Three. I have two pairs of studs and one pair of moulds. I usually wear studs in a match, unless the pitch is really dry. I take two pairs of studs in case one breaks or something like that happens.   


Have you kept boots from special moments in your career?

I have kept my two hat-trick pairs – the pair from the Europa League game (Asteras Tripolis) and the pair from the game against Leicester City in the Premier League. I kept the balls as well and put them together in a display case with the shirt. They are the two pairs I have kept so far – hopefully I will get a few more hat-tricks! I have also kept the boots and shirt I wore on my England debut. They’re important moments you want to remember and I like to keep stuff framed to put around the house and my family’s house. 


Is there a lot of excitement in the dressing room when someone breaks out a new pair of boots?

Always – especially when a new boot comes out. I think I’m the only player wearing the Hypervenom at Tottenham so everyone wants to have a look at mine. Everyone is like a kid at Christmas when the new boots arrive at the training ground.

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