It's just like playing barefoot...

Love the feel of leather smacking against your tender skin as you larrup the ball? Look no further than these barefoot boots you kinky so-and-so

There are pink ones, green ones, blue ones, ones that make you run faster, shoot harder and control the ball better… but it turns out you might as well leave your boots at home because research has shown that you get more control and power if you play bare foot.

Except you won’t actually get a game if you do that, because footwear is compulsory. Referees, eh? Sticklers for the rules.

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Besides, you wouldn’t want your beautifully manicured feet to step on a used condom – something you’re more likely to find than corner flags on an amateur football pitch.

Fear not, brave lion, for there is as olution: the new Puma evoPOWER boots. With research revealing a barefoot strike delivers more power and accuracy, Puma have engineered a boot that mimics your natural kicking motion.

To make you feel like your naked foot is making sweet love to the ball, Puma Adaplife – a premium microfiber material –bends with the foot to ensure you wallop the ball with maximum “umph”.

With your foot flexing, AccuFoam on the forefoot makes sure the clout behind your swinger flies off a clean surface.(NB this doesn’t work if you toe-punt it.)

Barcelona’s midfield maestro Cesc Fabregas is fan, although he can’t quite believe no one had thought of this before.

“Taking inspiration for a football boot from an actual foot sounds like the most obvious thing in the world, but in all the time I’ve spent in football, it’s the first time I’ve heard of this being done.” Doh!

Orange, snug and designed to help you kick the ball harder than an elephant with a grudge, they’re all yours for $219.99.

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