Light, green, pace machine

Tormenting defenders and saving the planet - it's all in day's work for Nike's eco-friendly boots
If sifting through rubbish to separate plastics and metals is not your bag, then do your bit for mother earth by slipping on a pair of eco-friendly boots.

The clever-clogs at Nike have just created the most environmentally friendly bobby dazzlers money can buy.

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Throwing away all the luxuries, designers stripped the boots down to the raw essentials. The result – Nike’s lightest boots ever.

Weighing in at 160 grams, the Nike Green Speed boots are manufactured from recycled products and environmentally-friendly materials. Take that global warming.

And don’t worry about churning up your local football pitch as you scamper down the line, because the studs are made of castor beans.

After a brief bit of web research Performance found that castor oil can also be used as renewable biofuel so when you’re done with the boots, chuck them on the fire and warm your house.

But with only 2012 pairs being made worldwide you might want to cherish the pollution fighting footwear as a collectors' item, rather than banishing them to the flames.

Your wallet is going to take a £250 hit, but who cares when you’re saving the planet and terrorising defenders with one flash of your right boot?

Brazilian striker Neymar will be wearing the Nike GS this summer at the Olympic Games in London. The boots will be available through and selected online retailers from August 15th.

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