No wonder they love it at Carrington - the £150 Fitkitpro even comes in United's colours.

Man United's Secret Weapon

Struggling to outmuscle your opponents? This strange contraption could well be your answer

At first glance, someone using the Fitkitpro can resemble a hapless dog walker trying to contain the antics of a pair of Labradors.

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But it is, in fact, one of the most innovative developments in the fitness industry – and it can make you a better footballer.

Its manufacturers claim the ‘suspension training’ system is more durable and secure than any similar product, and it’s already being used by Manchester United.

The club’s head of sports science Tony Strudwick is a fan: “Shoulder, knee, ankle and core strength and stability are vital for footballers, and this is where it works,” he says. “The specific positions it puts a player into allows them to build up safely.”

With over 400 different exercises available, you can rig it up to a door and do squats or pull-ups – making it ideal for those who haven’t got time for the gym. Strudwick reckons its core strength benefits can even prevent injury on the pitch.

“This is especially useful for keepers who need to protect themselves when they land from height,” he says.

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