New Balance Furon and Visaro: The Lowdown

They're finally here: New Balance unveil their new boot silos and we've got all info you need to get up to speed

1 You should wear one of these boots if…

…you’re either a ‘taker of chances’ or a ‘maker of chances’ according to New Balance. That’s nothing to do with whether you gamble or not, more that there are two different boots according to your role in the team. The Furon boot is aimed at players who are all about pace and finishing. The players using this boot include Alvaro Negredo and Jesus Navas, as well as Adnan Januzaj. Check this out if your game is about finishing the move. However, if you’re more of a ‘maker of chances’ then you need to check out the Visaro boot in fetching blue. This shoe has been designed with playmakers in mind, with a specifically different feel and performance to help you set up your Furon-wearing mates to put those chances away. Players wearing this boot include Samir Nasri, Aaron Ramsey, Vincent Kompany and, er, Marouaine Fellaini.

2 Not sure which is for you?

The Furon provides the best boot for ‘destructive’ players, New Balance’s Global Product Manager Rob Ashcroft tells us. If your game is about being ‘forward facing, scoring goals and winning the game’ then this is the boot that New Balance have aimed your way. Fast-paced play and beating your man are also standout attributes of the Furon-wearing player. Creativity, control, distribution and dictating the play – these are the key aspects of your game if the Visaro boot is for you. The materials and torque (pressure points) are designed to facilitate the playmaking parts of your game. It’s an interesting idea to have boots tailored to positions and roles on the pitch, but what do poor goalkeepers and defenders go for?

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3 Natural fit and feel

Both boots use New Balance’s new carefully engineered last to help give ‘a natural fit and feel’ to the boot. However, there are key differences between the two. The upper material on the Visaro is designed to help different skill sets: going for goal, control of the ball and passing accurately. An ‘Ariaprene upper’ is a 4mm mesh that gives you dampening properties, and is incorporated across the whole top of the boot. “Players will have seamless control across the whole of the upper, no matter where you touch the ball,” explains Rob. The Furon boot, however, uses a burrito tongue, and a FantomFit mesh with lightweight nylon outsole to help you sprint quicker and give you the power needed to finish off chances.

4 In the Zone

On the Visaro, Rob explains: “We looked at key zonal areas of the foot where you would traditionally strike or control a ball, distribute and dribble and we looked at how you could manipulate the Ariaprene to torque into different skill sets, so what you get is 4mm dampening on the lateral sides of the boot for controlling the ball but then on the sweet spot, where you would strike the ball, we debossed the area to give you a cleaner striking zone to give you more purchase on the ball when you’re whipping it.” The sole plate of the Visaro is designed with flexibility in mind, for twisting, turning and 360-degree movements. Biomechanically engineered studs are positioned to torque into positions that will help that type of play too. Likewise on the Furon, the REVlite footbed, biomechanically engineered stud placement and stiffened sole plate is all designed to help you be explosive. This boot suits hard ground more. In practice, we could feel quite a distinguished difference between both boots.

5 What the pros say…

“The feedback from the pros has been integral,” to what we do says Rob. “Marouaine Fellaini has just had an incredible season wearing our boots.” Annan Januzaj, Negredo and Jesus Navas have also expressed their preference for the Furon boot, according to New Balance. “These guys prefer the Furon because it’s lightweight, gives them more freedom of movement and it helps them to change direction at high velocity,” explains Rob. Nasri and Ramsey reportedly prefer the Visaro.

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Visaro and Furon are available to pre-order now at (US residents) and (UK residents). The boot ranges will be available from July 1.

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