Shinpad for the foot

Is it a sock? Is it a shinpad? No it's the Metasox. Protect your foot against the hatchet man with this piece of foot armour.

David Beckham. Michael Owen. Wayne Rooney – they’ve all suffered the dreaded metatarsal injury.

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Moon boots, crutches and oxygen chambers have all been used in a bid to heal the wounded stars.

But what is the kryptonite of football injuries all about? Metatarsals are the five long bones in the forefoot, which connect the anklebones to those of the toes.

Their job is to share the load of the body, and they move position to cope with uneven ground.


When the opposition’s bloodthirsty thug decides he wants to drive his studs through your foot your metatarsal crumbles like a single man tent under a steamroller.


What protection do you have, other than a hope and prayer?


Well, there’s a new piece of kit on the market that says it can offer a safeguard against this brutality.

Metasox: The shinpad for the foot.

The new sock incorporates a rubber silicon pad over the top of the foot, providing protection against industrial strength challenges.

Tottenham Wolves and West Brom are amongst a number of pro clubs giving the sock a whirl.

“We use them as a ­protection for players who have suffered from foot ­injuries and we then hit upon the idea of using the socks as prevention,” said Wolves physio Alan ­Peacham.

“It’s not just about players being available for matches – a lot of potential training days are missed through bruised feet.”

So instead of transforming your conservatory into an oxygen chamber, take to the battlefield with the Mextasox and save yourself a few quid.

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