Wash bag essentials

Want to look like a winner off the pitch? Pack Premier League grooming products

Kiehl’s facial fuel energising scrub

After the opposition’s hard man has sent you face-first into a pile of dog’s mess, you need something to freshen up your dirty chops. This is packed with scrub particles to clear away the brown stuff.
Price: £17.00 (100ml)

SuperFish FishGlue Matt Styling Gel

Whether you’re rocking cornrows, a quiff or a samurai ponytail, your barnet needs to look the business at the bar. Stick this in your hair and the style, no matter how dodgy, will stand firm. It won’t protect you from the abuse, mind…
Price: £4.10 (150ml)

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L’Oreal Paris men expert hydra energetic quenching gel

After 90 minutes of chasing shadows and a shower hot enough to burn through steel, you need to cool down. Slap this moisturising gel on your face and let the menthol peppermint leaf extract send a chill over your bright red mug.
Price: £10.99 (50ml)

Right Guard Xtreme Dry 96H Stick

You might have kicked up a stink on the pitch, but don’t do the same in the pub afterwards. By coating your sweaty pits with this pong-fighting deodorant you’ll protect your team-mates from your whiff, if not your singing in the karaoke bar.
Price: £2.50 (50ml)

Adidas deep energy shower gel

Laced with a woody, dynamic fragrance and made from a formula containing ginseng and other natural delights, this shower gel is designed for the passionate man looking for vivifying sensations. Saucy. Watch out, ladies (or your team-mates).
Price: £2.30 (250ml)

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