Kris Yong: Four basic goalkeeper drills

Malaysian goalkeeper coach and Asian Football Confederation (AFC) instructor Kris Yong dished out some basic training a goalkeeper could undergo before a match.

Step 1 – Reaction Time

“It is a basic stretching exercise so the goalkeepers can have good hands. Khairul Fahmi Che Mat had weights strapped to his arms and calves so his movements and reaction will be better without it during matches.”

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Step 2 – One-on-one situation

“Goalkeepers must be ready to face a striker on his own and how he spreads himself is crucial. This technical session shows the goalkeepers how to spread and block low shots with their feet. Of course, you have to cover your angles too.”

Step 3 – Guess where it comes

“This is another technical session. It works on the reaction time of the hands as the ball comes from various trajectories because it is served using the arms. It is difficult to predict, just like how it would be during a match.”

Step 4 – Match situation

“Goalkeepers may be required to make back-to-back saves. This session is something that could happen during a match. First, he needs to cut off a cut-back cross, before reacting on a one-on-one situation as in Step 2 and finally, moving across the goal to save a 12-yard shot.”

Training session conducted with Khairul Fahmi Che Mat (Kelantan) and Zamir Selamat (Perak)

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