Ben Foster: 5 foods I can't live without

The secret of Ben Foster's success between the sticks for WBA? Toast, with lots of jam

“I eat fish all the time – I put it with everything. I love prawns especially. I love the taste of fish and it’s low in fat. It’s a healthy option and one that you can put with anything.”


Jam on toast

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“I muller toast! For a pre-match meal I’ll have pasta, but then I’ll always have some toast with butter and jam. It’s a fast way of getting quick-release energy into you and you’re still getting the carbs, which are slow-release.”



“First and foremost, it’s great for protein. I love a nice bit of fillet. It’s very low in fat and tastes beautiful off the barbecue.”



“Chips from the chip shop – I can’t help it sometimes! If I haven’t got a lot of food in I’ll go to the chippie, but only about once a month."



“It’s a nice bit of protein and low in fat. Again, you can’t beat chicken off the barbecue. I really like that chargrilled taste. You can have chicken with pretty much any meal.”

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