The Brazilian buffet

Even if you can’t play like one, you can eat like a samba star thanks to this all-day feast laid on by PSG’s Lucas Moura


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“You must try our pao de queijo [typical cheese-flavoured roll], a misto-quente [cheese and ham toastie] or a pao na chapa [bread roll grilled with butter]. In Brazil we normally don’t have bacon or sausages for breakfast. We save that for lunch, which is the main meal of the day.”





“I’d recommend rissole [fried cheese croquette]. There’s also coxinha [deep fried chicken-filled pastry, right] and quibe [beef croquette], which are very good. But they’re greasy, so I don’t eat it often.”




“If you go to Sao Paulo you should try bife a milanesa [breaded fried steak, left]. There’s also the feijoada [stew of black beans and pork].”



“I love Brazilian barbecues. But for me if there’s rice, chicken fillet [above], fries and a fried egg, I’m satisfied. There’s no need for anything else.Beans are very popular in Brazil, though I don’t like them. But they’re a good source of iron, so I compensate with more rice and beef.”


“I really like much vitamina de morango [strawberry and milk smoothie, left] – that’s what I always order at restaurants. You should also try suco de maracuja [passion fruit juice] or Guarana [a typical guarana-flavoured soft drink]. Acai juice is also worth trying. Enjoy!”



But is it all good for you?


Sports nutritionist Matt Lovell runs the rule over Lucas’ fare


"This isn’t a menu I would recommend for optimal performance, but if you want to immerse yourself in all things Brazilian this summer there’s plenty here to enjoy.


The breaded steak will be fried, but the pork and bean stew offers protein and slow-release carbohydrates essential for optimal steady energy levels and recovery. I’m a fan of the


Brazilian barbecue as well – it can be high in sodium, though, so take on plenty of fluids to help as a hydration strategy.


Lucas has got rice, clean protein from the chicken fillet, and as long as he’s not chowing down on a plate of them, a few fries in the context of the meal would be fine.


The vitamina de morango is basically a recovery drink. Milk is a highly nutritious source of calories, protein, minerals and sodium.


If you go to Brazil and watch what the labourers drink, they all drink acai to keep them going.


Freshly made straight from the tree and served cold with ice, it’s perfect for performing in Brazil’s hot environment."

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