Jordi Alba: Feed your engine

Barça and Spain’s tireless full-back, Jordi Alba, 
on optimising performance with the food 
on your plate

“You’ve got to look after yourself and eat the right things before and after games. That’s so important to getting the best from your body and allowing it to recover.

Pasta is obviously key to eat the night before a match, along with chicken or turkey breast or some fish.

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After a game, you must take on board carbohydrate and protein, so pasta or rice are again important.

Eating cleverly after exercise is just as important as before it. If you’re playing two games a week, it can be difficult to move away from that routine, but if you only have one match, then it’s good to mix things up a bit with a bit more flavour.

Always remember, though, to stay away from fatty foods so you take care of your body. What you put into your body plays a massive role in what you get out of it.”

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