Top 5 football snacks

No time to prepare a rocket-fuelled meal? Sports nutritionist Matt Lovell provides his top 5 football snacks.

In a rush to get to the game and don’t know what to eat or drink to get you through the game? Elite sports nutritionist Matt Lovell is here to help.


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"The best snacks have a mixture of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Depending how soon kick-off is will determine what you should eat," says Lovell, who works with the England rugby team and Premier League outfit Tottenham.


"You want to avoid the traditional favourites, like a chocolate bar or cakes that you think are going to give you energy.


"Instead, eat something that is going to release its energy slowly and that is not high in fibre."


Top 5 football snacks


1. Rice pudding

A rice pudding snack pot would be an option or a can of rice pudding. It is relatively high in carbohydrate, however it will release its energy relatively efficiently without causing your blood sugar levels to rise too quickly.


2. Tropical fruits

Pineapple and mango, fresh not tinned. Like the rice pudding they are broken down more gradually than other fruits that are juicier, like an orange.


3. Sandwich

You could eat an egg and cress or tuna sandwich (half might be enough) an hour before training.


4. Protein meal replacement bar

A better option than chocolate as it will have some protein in it as well as lower GI carbs that are released more slowly.


5. Energy drinks

Avoid drinking these until you start warming up to get their full isotonic benefit.

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