Ahmad Hazwan Bakri: Dribbling and shooting

Former Selangor striker Hazwan dished out some advice in regards to dribbling and taking shots at goal 

When it comes to dribbling, many tend to overrun or lose control of the ball. But Selangor striker Ahmad Hazwan Bakri believes one should put in practise to perfect the art of dribbling.

“Often you’ll need to get past a defender or two, meaning being able to dribble is important," Ahmad said.

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"I feel it’s best to be able to use both feet as it confuses your marker. Put in the time to practice your weaker foot. You can do that by running with the ball and using both feet to move in and out, or even stay within a certain area and move the ball around with both feet.”

As a forward, one is usually judged by their ability to put away chances and Ahmad believes making clean connections is key to getting in a good strike.

“The inside foot shot is what everyone needs to perfect," he said.

"It is the basic shooting skill and easiest to master. Take as many practice shots as you can, first to be able to make clean connections with the ball and then to find accuracy.

"Only after you get this right, should you even think of the outside foot shot as that requires more technique and strength.”

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