Ben Foster's guide to distribution

WBA goalkeeper Ben Foster on how to pick out a team-mate with quick and accurate distribution
I always seem to kick the ball aimlessly from a drop kick. Can you give me any tips on picking out a team-mate?
Tim Wise, via email

Ben Foster says:

“Work with your team-mates on where they are going to move once you have the ball in your hands. Rush to the edge of your box as quickly as you can.

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Make sure you’ve got your head up and you’re looking around so you know what position your team-mates are in.

Look at your options, decide which one you’re going to go for and commit to it, either with a throw or a side volley over the opposition’s centre-backs.

Whether it’s kicking or throwing, be composed. While speed is important, you don’t want to rush it because that’s when mistakes are made.”

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