Darron Gibson's guide to shooting

Hit the target every time with tips from Everton and Republic of Ireland midfielder Darron Gibson

“I’m a midfielder who rarely hits the target from distance. What can I do, FFT?”
Damo Lester, via email

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Darron Gibson says:

“Technique is everything and body position is crucial. Plant your standing foot beside the ball to give you a solid base. Keep your head over the ball so you don’t sky it and keep your head down. 

In training, it helps if you recreate match conditions for shooting. At Carrington we do drills at the end of training when we are tired.

The coach stands on the byline knocking the ball to the edge of the box and we finish it first time past the keeper or on the run.

We vary the angle and introduce a defender rushing out to add to the pressure. We also do core exercises to improve balance, giving us more stability: one- and two-leg squats, press-ups and sit-ups on Swiss balls and, holding medicine balls, we introduce twisting and rotation.

Most importantly, don’t try and smash the ball. Every time I shoot I think about making a smooth controlled connection. And it works.”

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