Finishing school: Part Two

Sharpen your shooting skills with this drill from Alfred Galustian, head of Coerver Coaching


Split the players into two groups with a ball each. Mark out a 20 x 20 yard area with two mannequins in the middle.


For drill two have the players line-up behind the orange gates. On the coach’s command they dribble towards the mannequin and use a piece of skill to beat it before unleashing a shot, aiming to hit the opposite corner – again you can use target cones to encourage the players to shoot across goal.

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Once the players have shot they sprint through the white gate and join the back of the queue.

To progress this drill introduce a goalkeeper and rotate after each shot, to make sure both sides are worked.


Get the ball out of your feet. Eyes up to assess the space in front of you and the target you're aiming for. Use your laces to dribble the ball When shooting place your standing foot beside the ball, pointing in the direction of the shot. Strike the ball with your laces to generate power. Follow your shot in with a sprint to pounce on any rebounds.

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