Gareth Bale: My favourite tricks

Real Madrid's master craftsman Gareth Bale talks FourFourTwo Performance through his favourite ways to merk an opponent
“Everyone likes to impress with some decent moves but practice make perfect, remember!

The side-step

The side-step is when you fake to take the ball with your left foot, but step across to the left and take the ball to the right with the outside of your right. Messi often keeps his eyes looking straight ahead. Not easy but give it a go!

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The scissors

The scissors is next. Move the outside of your left foot around the ball, on the right side, and take the ball to the right with the outside of the right foot. A classic for making a defender look daft.

The pull-push

The pull-push behind is a bit harder, as you need to drag back the ball with the sole of your left foot, roll it to the outside of your right, and then dribble off with the right. Advanced trickery!

The drag-back

The last one is the drag-back. Put your right foot on the top of the ball, rotate 180 degrees and run off with the ball on your left. All these moves bring a bit of creativity and flair to your game: this is what the crowd want to see!”

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