The holding role: What to do when you are overrun

Get tight and cut the space through the middle to stop a march on a goal, says Manchester United's Michael Carrick
Games are often won and lost in the midfield with the dominate engine room dictating the play.

The modern game has seen a trend in managers tinkering with their formations to cancel one another out, with the midfield the focal point of any given system.

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Momentum and strength in numbers can see a midfield swamp the opposition - supporting the attack with options.

What can you do to protect your team against a stampede? Work as a unit and strangle the space through the centre of the pitch, according to England's Michael Carrick.

How often do Manchester United get overrun (Ok, so Barcelona ran riot, but they're arguably the greatest team ever)? Exactly.

To find out how they man their barricades, let Carrick explain in this video.

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