How to play possession football

Keep running to a minimum if you want to dominate possession, says former Barcelona youth co-ordinator, Albert Capellas
Possession football is based around the principles of pass and move right? Wrong.

To keep the ball you have to play simple passes and hold your position, says former Barcelona youth co-ordinator Albert Capellas.

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"A lot of trainers say, 'Pass the ball and run', but what I say is the complete opposite," he tells FFT.

"I say, 'Pass the ball and stay', 'Pass the ball and find the right pass', 'Pass the ball and be ready'.

"Don't expend too much energy running because if you have to run a lot you are more tired and if you are more tired you're more likely to lose the ball."

Don't beat yourself up, we've all been getting it wrong. To make sure you get it right, hit play and drink in Capellas' knowledge.

Albert Capellas was talking at the Science + Football Conference. For more information visit

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