Shoot, rebound, tap-in

Punish the goalkeeper’s wet weather handling, thanks to this drill from the Nike Academy’s head coach, Jimmy Gilligan


Position two strikers (Player 1 and Player 2) on either side of the D, with the coach standing in between them on the edge of the box.


Player 1 plays the ball into the coach and follows his pass, making a run around the coach and towards goal. Player 2 makes a diagonal run across the coach, at which point the coach lays the ball into the path of Player 2, who takes a shot on goal. Player 1 follows in the rebound if required.

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How it helps

Primarily this drill works on shooting, which is a key element to playing in rain. In wet conditions the ball zips off the surface, making it hard for keepers to hold on to shots. This is why you train your second striker to follow up. Instructing players to gamble on the keeper’s handling hones their poaching instincts so it becomes natural. Your keeper is also getting a great workout, dealing with unpredictable shots that pick up speed on the slick surface.


Introduce defenders when the players get more confident. This will work on the attackers’ decision-making – whether to pass instead of shoot – and their movement off the ball.

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