Trick of the week: head over heels

Revered by Robinho, worshipped by millions of Brazilians, Falcao shows you how to merk your mates in style

He’s been dubbed the world's most skilful player, but who is Falcao?

He’s the King of Futsal, the Hugh Hefner of 5-a-side football, adored by millions of Brazilians, including some of their biggest stars.

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"I love watching Falcão play. He's such a witty player," coos AC Milan's rubber legged trickster and star or the Seleção Robinho.

Armed with flicks, tricks, feints, step overs, drag backs and elasticos, this sorcerer of the sphere can pull more rabbits out of hat than a second-rate seaside magician.

The two-time Futsal World Cup winner has produced an exclusive skills clinic especially for FourFourTwo Performance… starting with the really-very-clever head over heels.

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