Trick of the week: Inside out nutmeg

Part 7 in our exclusive skills clinic with the King of Futsal. In, out, in out, shake it all about, it's the Falcao inside out nutmeg and here's what it's all about....

He’s the King of Futsal, perhaps the world's most skilful player, and now the two-time Futsal World Cup winner has produced an exclusive skills clinic especially for FourFourTwo Performance.

Our part 7 offering sees Falcao execute the inside out nutmeg. Accelerating at the defender, he slams on the brakes, moves the ball from right to left with the inside of his foot, whilst completing a 180 degree spin, finishing with deft flick of the ball with the outside of his boot through the hapless defender's legs. Simple.

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Falcao wears the new Vs range from Umbro, designed for the small sided game. For further information visit

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