Explaining and understanding tactics

Gus Poyet’s tips on how set your team up for success at Sunday league level

Do you play Sunday league football and think you’ve found the perfect system to outfox the opposition? Catenaccio maybe, total football or a spot of tiki-taka?

It sounds good in theory but, as former Premier League manager Gus Poyet explains, it’s best to keep things simple at first.

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Tiki-taka wouldn’t be suited to a muddy English pitch in the middle of winter, so don’t be over-ambitious with your tactics. Concentrate on getting the basics right and build from there.

Team shape is important. Don’t get dragged out of position by the opposition by being attracted to the ball too easily.
If you’re a central defender, don’t spend half of the game chasing players in the channels and leaving gaping holes in the middle of the pitch.

If everyone in the team does the basics correctly, then you’ve given yourself a chance of winning matches.

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