Match them tactically

Cardiff City manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer offers solutions for how to handle the opposition when they...

... Pack the midfield

“With fewer men you’re not going to have the majority of possession. We were in this position last season against Basel in the Champions League qualifiers and I just went to a 4-4-1 formation and defended deep. The main focus was on counter-attacking through the striker, my two wingers and one of my central midfielders.”

... Play with three strikers

“I’m a great believer in keeping your team shape and using zonal marking. You don’t start following men. I’d still play with two banks of four with a striker up top. If they have three strikers then there will be loads of chances for us to win it off them if we’re compact, especially if they’re narrow. Then you break out through the full-backs and wingers.”

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... Push full-backs forward

“If they’ve got strikers who are good in the air you want to stop crosses. To do that you have to stop the full-backs and force them through the middle. But if it’s against a team like Liverpool with Daniel Sturridge and Luis Suarez as the strikers, let them have the ball down the flanks and stay compact in the middle.”

... Push a centre-back forward

“Encourage him to join the attack. Then you’d try to read the pass, intercept it and break out. With 10 men you’ve got to be able to ride the storm, defend well and break quickly.”

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