Alessandro Diamanti: Stay calm through any challenge

Guangzhou Evergrande’s Italian international, Alessandro Diamanti on ignoring a wind-up merchant

“When an opponent plays dirty, you have to keep focused. Concentrate on showing your qualities and forget how he’s trying to disrupt your performance.

I try to face up to him and dribble past him the next time I get the ball. This is my job, this is what I have to do and I must give everything. I can’t let him affect my game, or I let down the team, the manager, the fans and myself.

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If the referee isn’t keeping a close eye on dirty tricks it can be difficult, because it’s frustrating and you feel like there’s no justice. It’s easy to get wound up and lash out, but remember: if you react, he wins. That’s what he wants. Beat him by playing well and affecting the game.

Football should be clean; dishonest players shouldn’t be playing. Know that you are the better man.”

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